Stewardship Prayer for June

Lord Jesus Christ,

You came to bring peace and offer reconciliation.
You sent your Spirit to heal the separation between people,
and to reveal how it is possible for women and men
to overcome their differences and celebrate their unity
through your body and blood.
You revealed your Father as the Father of all people;
a Father who cares for every single individual
and embraces them with love and mercy.

It is that love and mercy, made manifest by your cross,
that shines your light on us all, creates new life,
offers a new way of living, and brings a Gospel message that is a sign of hope.

Give us the courage to live your Gospel fully
even when it brings risk,
to share your word vibrantly even if it leads to scorn,
and to respond to others generously
even when we feel like holding back.
Show us the way to live as good stewards of your presence among us,
and in doing so, may we shine your light on a darkened world.





-- No, it is something very near to you, already in your mouths and in your hearts; you have only to carry it out.

Moses is imploring those he led out of Egypt to return to God with all their heart and soul. He reminds them that the way to do this is not found in some distant or far-off place. So it is with stewardship. It is already in our mouths and in our hearts; we have only to carry it out.