Catholic Man Cave

That’s right.  It’s important to have a place where “men can be men!”  Why not have a place where “Catholic men can be Catholic men?”

The North Shore Catholic Man Cave provides a fraternal environment aimed at assisting men to become stronger husbands and fathers through spiritual growth. 

How does a Catholic man honor his wife and raise his children?  How does a Catholic man learn more about the Catholic faith?  How does a Catholic man make business decisions?  How does a Catholic man pray?  

Come to the Catholic Man Cave and find out!

We will begin our 3rd year of weekly meetings on Sept. 10!  Join us from 5:45am to 7:30am in Donovan Hall at St. Monica to enjoy coffee and breakfast, watch an informative video, and discuss things that matter! 

If you are interested, shoot an email to



September 8
September 13
Baptism Class